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1. Is death necessary for one’s life to be meaningful?

Is death evil?

While we often associate death to be harmful and an end to what we call beautiful–life–death can also provide meaning to it as well. Instead of viewing it as a whole other entity, death is essentially the concept that there is finitude in our lives. I do believe death provides meaning for life, but it is not necessary for one’s life to be meaningful; additionally, I do not believe that there is enough evidence to associate death with life’s meaning, but I do believe this finiteness enhances it.

When one lives his or her day-to-day life, he or she might have to face finitude. However, it is up to the individual’s interpretation and perspective of whether or not this would affect him or her. Death has an ability to enhance one’s life but does not ultimately guarantee enhancement. In order for it to provide “meaning” one must be able to face their mortality to engage in meaningful activities and transcend past this finiteness. In doing so, death may become a guidance to help individuals believe in concepts beyond death itself.

2.Is death necessary for one’s life to be meaningful?

I do not agree that, for one’s life to be meaningful, death is necessary. An individual is able to make his own life meaningful in a wide variety of ways that does not directly involve death. For example, a college student graduates from UCI with a major in biological sciences and pursues a medical degree. After graduating from medical school, this student is now able to work, under supervision, in a hospital and potentially help treat or save people’s lives. In this example, the student might think that his life is already meaningful since he was able to accomplish his goal: becoming a doctor. Additionally, this individual was able to give back to his community and help save other people with injuries or illnesses. This individual’s life already has meaning since he has made a personal and local impact on himself (obtaining a medical degree) and others (physician treating patients). Although death often brings attention to the deceased individual, it is not necessary for death to be present for that respective individual’s life to be meaningful. The ways or means to measure the meaningfulness of an individual’s life is subjective; thus, there are many ways to make one’s life meaningful aside from death.

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