respiratory issues complicated by economic disadvantage 8

Topic: Respiratory Issues Complicated by Economic Disadvantage

Assignment #4 – This assignment will assess your understanding of how respiratory drugs address lung pathophysiology, how you will convey critical information to patients using the concepts of health literacy and communication, and how psychosocial issues affect compliance. Please do not read additional information into the case study.

A mother brings her 8-year-old child to the clinic, stating the child “just isn’t breathing right, doesn’t want to play, just lies on the couch — this happens all the time.”

The appearance of both mother and child is disheveled. The child’s wheezing can be heard across the room. When asked if the child is better at any certain time of the day, the mother responds, “It’s like this all the time and has been for the past year — we saw a doctor last year who diagnosed asthma but we don’t have any money for drugs or to come back to the clinic.”


Present this Assignment as a 4-5 page narrative

Be sure to complete the assignment as the NP treating this family, not as a third party.

  • Identify the resources currently available in your state ( OHIO) to support this family in the care of this child, including assistance programs for costs of health care follow-up and pharmaceutical treatment agents.
  • Create a COMMUNICATION PLAN( how patient is going to carry out treatment, not the same as a treatment plan) for mother and child for both prescriptive and non-prescriptive drug therapies.
  • For this assignment, you will decide on a specific diagnosis for the patient using current sources.
  • You will create a treatment plan for pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic intervention. For any medications you would use, you must provide rational for your choice including discussion of kinetics and dynamics of the drugs.
  • You will create a communication plan to determine how the family will participate in their care and how you will determine their communication needs. Finally, you will assess the needs of the family and provide community resources (using your own community) for their assistance.

The assignment is to written as a scholarly paper, not as a provider addressing a patient. Do not provide dialogue as though you are speaking to a patient.

Correct APA formatting will applied. Citation must support your diagnosis and treatment plan.

USE BOOK as one of the references


Use guidelines from the book above in the chapters listed bellow to support work

Pharmacotherapeutics for NP Prescribers

  • Chapter 17: “Drugs Affecting the Respiratory System”
  • Chapter 25: “Drugs Used in Treating Inflammatory Processes”
  • Chapter 30: “Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”
  • Chapter 42: “Pneumonia”
  • Chapter 43: “Smoking Cessation”
  • Chapter 45: “Tuberculosis”
  • Chapter 46: “Upper Respiratory Infections, Otitis Media, and Otitis Externa”


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