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Package design and its impact on sales.

I need the topic statement on Wednesday

Read instruction carefully please …


The topic of your choice should be one that interests you as an artist, art therapist, or designer, therefore you will not have problems committing yourself to the research necessary to complete the depth of this project. Think of current art, art therapy, or design issues, trends, etc., that affect you, your peers, or society within your discipline. Think of issues that might impact your career now or in the future. Ask questions of your topic: Who is involved? What is the problem? Where is it happening? When is this happening? Why is it happening? Why is this a problem? Why is this important? To whom is it important? • Some past topics: The Psychology of Graphic Design; Digital Book Publication; Art Therapy for Immigrant and Refugee Populations; Art Therapy with Trauma Survivors; Crimes of Style: Graffiti Art and Vandalism; Minimalism: An Informative History


Write a topic statement (thesis statement) in one or two sentences that will tell precisely what you will prove, answer, inform the audience about your topic..


Bibliography must include at least six sources related to your topic. Sources must be comprised of books, scholarly articles, and other credible sources. Only reliable academic internet resources may be utilized.


Your topic paper should be relevant to your art discipline and display an adequate framework of the topic to enlighten your art peers. I will provide information on turning it in to feature on blackboard prior to due date. Please make sure you have sufficient evidence and concrete information to support your topic. You are expected to provide a paper that articulates meaning with few errors and demonstrate basic writing tasks of organization, content and presentation.


2-3 pages of introduction of paper will be due early in process to allow for feedback and revisions if necessary. There will be several review dates after Introduction review for feedback.


Software: typed in Microsoft Word Length: Paper is expected to be 7-9 complete pages long (not including, cover pages, bibliography, or illustrations) following size requirements Include: title page separate from paper; include bibliography Font size: 11 point size with 1.0 line spacing Margins: one inch all sides; include header with name and page number Paragraphs: use indents or space between, not both

CITING SOURCES: Please follow the MLA (Modern Language Association) Documenting System

Research Topic Statement DUE: 1/29/20 @ 8:00 a.m.

Research Bibliography DUE: 2/3/20 @ 8:00 a.m.

Final Research DUE : 2/25/20 @ 8:00 a.m.

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