reply to the paragraph below

Reply to the two paragraph below separately (half page each), discussing how their chosen event can be seen in the modern applications of the social sciences. Consider how this event changed how social scientists work today. Additionally, how did the historical developments of the social sciences influence its evolution and uses today? Consider how changes in society led to this event.

Paragraph 1:

While going through the learning block 3, I found that the “human zoos” were the most interesting. This is where people who were non-European were put on display like animals for people to view. The general idea about people from different races were that they were closer to being related to monkeys. I just find it interested that people would go to see people in cages like it was a normal activity. The indigenous people that were brought from Africa were made to wear their traditional clothing that would be suitable in the heat they are accustomed to during the cold winter months. Surprisingly some of the suppliers for the “performers” were religious men, who would go to their countries on missionary works, and bring them home to make a profit on them. The other suppliers were simply people who just wanted to make money, and knew there was a market. Since then things have changed, but I believe there is a long way to go. Just tonight I was watching the news and there was a segment that played a recording of Richard Nixon on the phone with Ronald Reagan, he had called people from Africa monkeys, this was only in 1971, less than 50 years ago our president was making racial comments. I think this event makes us look at societies as a whole, and see how things for different cultures and races have changed or remain static in countries such as the United States. Not everybody is amused by gawking at people of different cultures, but some of us are interested in how they live, their customs and their ways of life. I wouldn’t want to go to a human zoo, but I do enjoy educating myself on different cultures.

Paragraph 2:

I enjoyed reading the historical timelines on the social sciences because it helped me to realize how recent most of the studies have been. To me, it would be amazing if we had social science information from ancient civilizations. I particularly enjoyed reading the psychology timeline because I am slightly biased to psychology.

The event that was most interesting to me is the discovery and founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am actually a member of AA and understand how powerful this movement has been. It is interesting to me because I know the amazing psychological miracle it has been in my life, my friends lives, and hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. It’s a movement that brings chronic alcoholics and addicts of all kinds, back from the gates of death and destruction. People that were otherwise completely hopeless, ruining the lives of their families and communities, now have a solution that has helped people far and near. Not only do miracles happen everyday in this program but it is also completely free. It is an altruistic movement that has expanded all over the world.

The basis of this movement comes from the fact that continuous recovery depends on the sharing of oneself, and sharing the spiritual experiences which come from completing all 12 steps. Not only has this movement spread all over the world, it has spread into countless other problems, with a 12 step solution. 12 step meetings are found all over the world, online, and on the phone making access readily available.

This is an amazing thing that happened in the world for psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Hundreds of thousands of individuals are able to get help with issues they are facing, for completely free. Each individual affects the whole and restoration of an individual will effect the social institution of the family, the community, and on a greater level the long term culture of any affected group.

Social scientist could study a society by looking at the various 12 step groups that exist in a country or community. Each 12 step group can tell us about the challenges that a society has. However, due to the fact that it is an anonymous program, that strives to stay out of the public eye or have any outside influences, it could be hard to get hard data on these groups.

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