reflective journal 65

A large part of being a responsible and evolving educator is to become what is called a “reflective practitioner”. This means educators must always take time to stop and reflect upon what they have done so they can identify areas in which to improve.

In this journal entry you will reflect upon what has been discussed thus far in this course.

  • Identify the level of education in which you wish to serve (early childhood, elementary).
  • Elaborate on your feelings about how the discussions in this course thus far matches your qualities and characteristics to serve in the education field.
  • Has your desire to become an educator increased or decreased since the beginning of this course and what has sparked that change?

It is to be TWO pages. NO title page NO Index page please.

APA Format


Week One

  1. Students will assess their “why” for wanting to become an educator.
  2. Students will evaluate the differences between a teacher and an educator.
  3. Students will determine whether they have the qualities to become an effective educator

Week Two

  1. Students will outline the “Six Pillars of Character”.
  2. Students will relate the “Six Pillars of Character” to the ethics of both educators and students.
  3. Students will analyze the difference between “DUE” date and “DO” date.
  4. Students will generate a plan to teach their future students to abide by the “DUE” vs “DO” date principle.

Week Three

  1. Research career options in the education arena.
  2. Summarize their research findings about a particular career option other than a classroom teacher.
  3. Reflect on personally meaningful concepts discussed in the course to this point.


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