reading responses l5 amp amp l6

2 PAGES double spaces MLA

1 page for each parts.

Do not write a summary, write what you think after you read it.

Part 1

Read “Hall_1992_The West and the Rest” for part 1 L5

Part 2

Read “Bernstein_2000_Colonialism Capitalism Development” for Part 2 L6

You Required to use these 2 reading in each part, but you can connect to 2 Recommended Reading, but it’s not required.

You should focus on 2 main readings, use examples to explain your ideas.

Guidelines for Responses

  • You are assessed on your thoughtful engagement with the material. Please do not post a summary.
  • Your response should bring up substantive comments and questions with regard to the
  • reading at hand and the broader themes in the class.

  • You may choose to relate what you read to some part of your daily life, current events, or
  • some other situation, policy debate, etc..

  • Responses can be speculative, propose applications, or pose critiques
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