re socw6070 response to 2 students remaining compassionate and professional wk8

Due 07/19/19 by 2PM EST

Respond to at least two colleagues with a thoughtful question or suggestion that builds on your colleague’s strategy for debriefing.

Response to Hilda

A Strategy Social Work Supervisor in the Levy Case Study Might Use to Debrief the Social Worker.

As a social work supervisor, I would use a strategy of self and empathy in the Levy case. The social worker is experiencing an issue with separating her thoughts and emotions from her client. Her client is a veteran who has experienced military trauma (Laureate Education, 2014). The strategy of self teaches the social worker how to manage the emotions she feels from the patient verses her own feelings. It also teaches the social worker how to use skills and social work knowledge rather than emotions when working with clients (McTighe, 2011). The strategy of self will assist the social worker to separate her emotions from her client’s military trauma and use her social work skills to assist the client.

The use of empathy is another part of the self-strategy that will be used. The supervisor needs to process the information provided by the social worker using an empathetic viewpoint (McTighe, 2011). The supervisor listening to the social worker and not being judgmental will assist the social worker’s professional development. The social worker needs to feel they are able to communicate with their supervisor about any concerns or emotions they are feeling when working with clients. The supervisor being empathetic during the debriefing will create a safe and trusting relationship.


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Response to Erica

In the case of the Levy family the social worker has expressed a concern with Jake’s experiences that was reported while he was in the military, and the concept that he has a baby on the way (laureate Education, 2014c). The social worker is really concerned that Jake will react violently around the baby as a result of his experiences while in the military.

When debriefing the social worker as the supervisor I would speak more in depth to the worker about her personal thoughts and feelings about Jake being with the baby. This strategy will allow the social worker to understand her own internal responses (McTighe, 2011), and be able to work with the family in creating interventions that will ensure the baby’s safety whie with Jake. McTighe (2011), also suggests that self-awareness is important for the social worker’s personal and professional growth.

Laureate Education (Producer). (2014c). Sessions: Levy (Episode 5 of 42) [Video file]. Retrieved from

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