questions amp 492

Question 1: Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Team structure is an important aspect of project execution.

Discuss team organization and leadership. How does a team model impact the organization and leadership of the team?

Questions 2 & 3 minimum 100 word responses. If you use a source you must cite it.

Question 2: Discuss the difference between the appearance of change and change that has been adopted into the organization’s culture. Describe the signs of sustainable change. What methods help sustain change?

Question 3:Discuss some of the unpredictable challenges that can occur when change is implemented. How can these affect sustainability? How can a manager prepare for these outcomes?

Questions 4-8 – Try for 100 word minimum …If you use a source please site it. If you do not use a source- then one is not needed.

Question 4: Can culture affect how successful a change strategy is? Explain your position.

Question 5: Why is the celebration of milestones important when implementing major change? What form might those celebrations take if your budget is limited?

Question 6:What methods would you use to embed change in an organization? Why would you choose those methods?

Question 7: Are the images used to reinforce sustained change important for promoting future change? Explain.

Question 8: Share a change that you were part of, or one you are familiar with. What was done well? What could have been done better?

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