question writing with answer choices and answer

This project requires writing 4 answer choices with the correct answer highlighted in black. It must have 2 scholarly sources to back it up. The first is the pathology prompt for which the biochemical answers must link back to. So, you have to understand the prompt pathology and relate the biochemistry answers back to the prompt. The four answer choices must all relate to the prompt. What that means is that if you are talking about the glans penis, your four choices if they were microbiology should all be microbiological elements that relate to the glans penis and not just four random microbiological elements that can be anywhere on the body. No except no none of the above no misspellings no true/false

aortic valve (pathology): collagen synthesis

As you can see the aortic valves have collagen as part of their make up, so biochemically we need to make 4 answer choices relating to collagen.

Example choices would be a) proline and lysine b) proline and leucine c) methionine and lysine d) leucine and lysine with answer A being the right answer. If you see all of the answer choices are amino acids (biochemistry), but one is the answer)

1) cirrhosis due to HCV infection: liver synthesis of vitamin A

2) contact dermatitis: histamine biochemistry–specifically catabolism

3) cryptorchidism: DNA replication

4) cryptorchidism: testosterone synthesis and pathway–temperature-sensitive testosterone production

5) duodenal ulcer: bicarbonate production from the liver

6) measles: acute illness cytokines–pathway and/or structure and/or precusors and/or co-enzymes

7) neonatal meningitis caused by group B strep: normal fatty acid oxidation

8) rheumatic fever: pathway and mechanism by which NSAIDs control fever

9) scurvy: vitamin C in the citric acid cycle

10) urolithiasis (renal calculi): vitamins required in the TCA cycle (write about one reaction and the vitamin required)

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