psyc 101 degree plan

Respond back to all three responses. 200 words each

1.Good day all,

To start off and talk about what I want to do with my career will simply be stated with the fact that I want to help people. I am in the Air Force and work of F-16’s; you might not think I don’t help people but I do in the sense that I love working as a team and getting the mission done along side my peers and watching how the our different sections in our shops come together to get the job done. My major is Fire Science and hopefully most of you got what that means which is yes I want to become a Firefighter. The next course that I will be taking is an English class which I am not really looking forward to as that is not my strongest subject. What I hope to learn from this program is to better understand people and their reasoning behind why they do things. I believe that it will help me adapt to all the different personalities and aspects of people around me especially being so that I work with them everyday. I have a crew of my own that changes when people PCS out or PCS in. I’ve had to learn to adapt to different work ethics along with different attitude and so on. I am a people person but I am also a very hard worker and sometimes see myself struggling with individuals that don’t have the same work ethic as I do. Obstacles that I see in the near future especially with TDy’s coming up is keeping a consistent school schedule. How I see my self overcoming this obstacle is to take just one coarse at a time for the time being. The question I have is how do you overcome having so many courses left to complete in an overwhelming kind of aspect.

2.Hello once again Professor and fellow classmates.

Now that we have hit the midpoint of our class I wanted to share that this post might be very different to the first post I wrote in week one. With my degree I hope to join the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department as well as doing the National Guard reserves for the state of California. The course the I will take next is American History. Not only do I think history is awesome but it I also a requirement for my general education. I hope to learn how to analyze human reaction and also how to be more proficient in discovering when people lie or manipulate. This can help me quite a bit in Law enforcement, especially in the line of duty, while on patrol or house calls. Some of the Obstacles I foresee are more financial than they are mental or physical due to the fact that in the beginning of my journey I will not be making a good amount of money. Some ways I have thought of to help me with this issue is join the Army National Guard so that I can keep my tuitions assistance and also keep my health insurance. Not only will I keep my benefits but it will also help me add on to my current active duty military retirement savings fund. I have also thought about going Active National Guard Reserves so that I will stay near California and keep my pay as an E-4. I will also receive BAH as well as BAS. The only question I currently have about this is, how do I go about requesting Active Guard? Also, how likely am I to get the job? I hope to read what my classmates have to say and get to know a bit more about them. Good luck ladies, and gentlemen!

3.Hello Class,

The current degree I was pursuing was a bachelors in business administration. Over the past couple weeks i have had a change of heart and decided to pursue a degree in construction management. I could not see myself sitting in a office all day, everyday for a living. I enjoy building things and would love to be a construction manager for projects that are big like hospitals, shopping centers, and things that are outside your normal home building projects.

I need to look at the degree plan for construction management to figure out what courses are next. I have completed most general ed classes.

I hope to learn everything and more to be successful in my career choice. But more importantly what really goes into project planning. Figure out how to plan for all the little details and requirements it takes to manage a project like building a shopping center or things of that size.

Advancing my career in the army is not something it would help with. But taking as many classes I can till i get out of the Army in 2021 will help minimize the amount of time I need to go to school after. This will allow me to start a career somewhere sooner.

Obstacles I could encounter will be that some classes are not able to take online and have to be physically present for. At the same time looking at the classes required, some of those would be very difficult to take online and not attend.

I will wait for the classes I think would be best suited if i was physically there to take after I get out of the Army. That way if i struggle its easier to get help and possibly one on one attention. I learn more by seeing also.

Do you think its a good idea to switch degrees from business administration to construction management?


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