principles of inclusion

ignore page count no word or page count just answer each question below thanks


This module addressed key elements of an inclusive classroom. After reviewing the information provided in the course material and assigned reading, identify one (1) key concept you feel is critical to inclusive environments.

Write a 2-3 page essay which addresses the following:

  1. What is inclusive education? How does this apply to your personal approach to classroom design and facilitation?
  2. What key concept from this module do you feel best supports your personal approach towards inclusive education?
  3. How do you currently support inclusive education in your own practice? Provide specific examples.
  4. How does you current approach align with the key concept you identified as important to inclusive environments?
  5. How can you enhance your own inclusive practices to better align with your selected key concept?
  6. What are the predicted benefits of enhancing inclusive education for your own classroom practices?

Provide a clear, well-written paragraph for each of the questions in this assignment. You are encouraged to include examples to support your points and utilize references. All references should follow APA format guidelines. Include a title page for your work. If you use references, then a reference page should also be included.

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