political science research critique

Complete two study critiques

Using what you have learned in this class, select two research studies from the options provided and compose a critique of each.

Important Assignment Details

  • Required word count: Between 700 and 900 words per critique (roughly 3-3.5 pages per critique)
  • Specific formatting required, please see formatting guidelines at the end of this packet
  • Cover Page section does not counttoward the word count requirements
  • Any form of plagiarism or cheating will be severely penalized
  • Please cite any work that is not your own.

Assistance Offered

  • Initial consultation on your project
  • Review of a draft (must be provided to me by 7/14/2019)

Studies to choose from (all available via the online library search):

Iyengar, Shanto, Mark D. Peters, and Donald R. Kinder, et al. “Experimental Demonstrations of the ‘Not So Minimal’ Consequences of Television News,” American Political Science Review, 76 (December, 1982), 848-58.

Walsh, Katherine Cramer. “Putting Inequality in Its Place: Rural Consciousness and the

Power of Perspective,” American Political Science Review. 106 (July 2012), 517-532.

Bateman, Regina. “Crime Victimization and Political Participation,” American Political

Science Review 106 (August 2012), 570-87.

Winter, David G., and Brooke E. Sweet. “Measuring Implicit British Perceptions of

German Intentions in 1938-1939.” Political Psychology, 30 (December, 2009), 839-62.

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