please write as if you interviewed an executive administrator and write your responses using the guidelines below

I will provide the name and workplace of the Administrator ones the work is complete. so just put a random name there.

Writing Assignment – Administrator Interview

Administrator: ________________________________________________________

Print Name Administrator Signature

Student: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________ Institution: __________________________________

Students are required to schedule an appointment for an interview with an Executive Administrator. While the administrator need not be a nursing administrator, the person must have responsibility for a unit or department, with a minimum of 5 employees.

Students are expected to dress in appropriate business attire for the interview. To begin the interview, you will introduce yourselves and your objective for the meeting. The questions that you will ask the interviewer are included below. The interviewee responses should be typed into the template using complete sentences, proper grammar and punctuation, prior to submitting to Sakai. These responses should not be, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses.

  1. Title of position? Credentials?
  2. Length of time in current position?
  3. Previous position?
  4. Strengths or special skills that you have brought to this position?
  5. What are your biggest challenges related to:
    1. Human and equipment resources?
    2. The work environment?
    3. Change within the organization?
  6. What have you accomplished in this position that you are most proud of?
  7. Are you currently working on any process improvement projects? If so, what are they?
  8. Are you currently working on any personnel improvement projects? If so, what are they?
  9. What strategies do you employ to promote employee engagement?
  10. What long term goals (3-5 years) do you have for your unit/department/staff?
  11. Please identify 3-5 attributes that you are looking for in a prospective employee.

Following the interview, reflect and document your impression of the interview and what information was surprising or particularly useful (“take-aways”) for your future nursing career or in the position acquisition process following graduation.

  • The responses to the questions above and include your name and the signature of the Administrator
  • Attach to above responses your reflection, impression, and ‘take-aways’ from the interview as instructed in “Following the interview …”

Administrator Interview

Grading Rubric

Superior – 5

Unsatisfactory – 0


Follows Instructions

Interviews an executive with >5 direct reports, uses proper interview template, completes individual interview summary of impressions

Doesn’t follow interview Instructions completely

Writing Quality & format

Uses complete sentences, proper grammar, proper spelling, and proper punctuation in the body of the template and the interview summary & impressions

Doesn’t use complete sentences, proper grammar, proper spelling, or proper punctuation

The administrator interview is an individual grade. The student must complete the interview using the template in Sakai. The template should be completed using proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation. A final summary of the interviewer’s own write-up regarding their impressions from the interview. Each individual may receive up to 5 points based on the quality of the interview.

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