please submit a memo using complete sentences detailing your path to graduation from

Please submit a memo, using complete sentences, detailing your path to graduation from Marymount My name is Abdullah Alsaiari

What is the exact name of the degree you are pursuing? Information Technology. Cybersecurity and Networking

When are you expecting to graduate? May 2020

When did you apply for a graduation petition? I did apply on October 2019

If you have received a response from the Registrar’s Office please attach the email with the response (check the attachement)

Describe the courses that you are in this semester and whether they meet the requirements

If not, list what you have to take and when you will be taking it (I attached my schedule for this semester and they all meet the requirements except for it-390 that will be taken in the summer)

If there are issues, then please detail

Must be in a formal memo format, well written, and on-time for full credit

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