please i need your help methodology

.Methodology – (1/2 page)

.a) Provide a brief overview of your research methodologies and analytical techniques.

.b) Include a statistical calculation demonstrating how confident you are that your sample is representative of the population from which it was drawn.

.Findings – (1 page)

.a) Lay out the key findings from your research. Include onlythose findings that relate directly to the decision(s) at hand. 
>> make bullet point of central findings of our survey.

You have the excel sheet that I have done some analysis and CHI-SQUARE TEST.

I don’t have much information but I am required to do Methodology first and then the findings, so basically when you are going to finish the Methodology you will send that file and send me the other requirement later.

I have done the CHI-SQUARE TEST for all the variables,

  • I got 5 variables:
    • How do you dispose…
    • Age range and if people are walling to pay…
    • Age range and how many people…
  • Didn’t have much to compare with.
  • You have the original data if it will help you.
  • I have seen a website that telling you step by step, but not sure if will help you.


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