pilot study research with pre operative antibiotics timing of dose does patient develop antibiotic resistance

  • Refer to Part III Implications for Practice – Future Research
  • Outline a pilot study with bullet points: (See Polit & Beck, 2018, pp. 51-53)
    • Research Type and Design: clearly outline – demonstrate understanding of the proposed research and design – why was it chosen for this pilot study
    • Research Question: (See Polit & Beck, 2018, pp. 97-99)

(meets FINER criteria – Feasible-Interesting-Novel-Ethical-Relevant)

    • Setting:
    • Population:
    • Participants: proposed estimated number, inclusion criteria, exclusion criteria
    • Data Collection: method- survey, interview
    • Analysis: method – quantitative statistics – descriptive, correlation, t-test, or qualitative – constant comparative, content analysis
    • Ethical Considerations: IRB, human subjects -how maintained privacy & confidentiality
    • Dissemination of Findings: How will you share your findings/knowledge
  • Please see exemplar. Must include APA title page and reference page.

Points that need to be addresed

  • Part IV – Proposal
    Research Type and Design 5
    Research Question 5
    Setting 5
    Population 5
    Participants 5
    Data Collection 5
    Analysis 5
    Ethical Considerations (confidentiality, privacy) 5
    Dissemination of findings 5
    Citation / References
    Resources 2.5
    APA style 5
    Mechanics (written in 3rd person, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation) 10
    Organization of ideas and paper flow (Transitions thought process in logical manner, page limit) 10
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