personal framework and philosophy of leadership

In this assignment, students will write a paper and clearly articulate a personal framework and philosophy of Leadership, strongly supported by the literature.
Available Points = 100.

Special Notes:

Exemplars: You have previously examined your framework and philosophy. In the new assignment you will expand on initial ideas. It is important for you to know and understand leadership theory and management processes as related to the role of a nurse administrator, and it is vital that you know how to apply the information in real life work settings. Application takes learning a step further than discussion, analysis, critiques, explanations and comparisons. In this assignment you are asked to use exemplars to support application of information learned.

Self-plagiarism: Students may reference a previous paper with appropriate citation, building and expanding thought. However, Self-Plagiarism is not permitted in in this course, and could result in a score of zero.
According to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), self-plagiarism is publication of material that is redundant or duplicate, or a paper that overlaps substantially with one already published in print or electronic media. UTA Office of Regulatory Services .…


1. Leadership and Management

Discuss the integration of management and leadership in the role of nursing administration.
20 points.

2. Vision and Mission Statement

Share your personal mission and vision statements.
10 points

3. Philosophy and Values
Discuss your philosophy of management and leadership. Reflect on the values that guide your practice. Philosophy of management and leadership is clearly articulated and grounded in the literature and supported by theory. Exemplars required.
20 points

4. Leadership Style and Preferences
Identify how your leadership style and personal preferences support your vision and mission. Exemplars required.
20 points

5. Life Long Learning
Identify how life-long learning is an integral component of philosophies of leadership. Exemplars required.
20 points

APA Format and Organization
Title Page and References (5 sources). Use the headings as outlined above. Content max – 1500 words, excluding Title Page and Reference List. Include an integration of management and leadership strongly supported by the literature.

10 points

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