personal finance project 1

base on excel data (Personal Financial Statements and Budget(1) (1).xlsm),

fill out “introduction ” “Budget fill out copy.docx”and “Financial Statements template to fill out copy.doc”

(short sentences anwer )

Introduction (use template) 10%

Organize with a new 3 ring clear-cover binder, typed tabs, picture, text, and present in the required format

Include old and new Resume, job description

II. Vision, Goals and Goal Planning10%

Share your vision for your life, including VMV statements

Share your top three major goals and tactical plans

Make plans detailed, specific, and complete

AP: Short-term plans (l-year or less)?

Medium-term plans (2-10 years)?

Long-term plans (10-80 years)?

III. Financial Statements and Ratios:10%

Show a current situation and action plan for each below:

Excel and Word templates are uploaded onto D2L

a. balance sheets (Net Worth)

b. income statements (Spending)

c. First/last month’s financial ratios (Liquidity, debt, savings)

AP: What can you do to improve these in the future (a-c)?

IV. Budgets and Spending Plans:5%

Include coversheet by month of what you did well, what you can improve on, and action plan for the month

Include forecast, actual, and differences

AP: What can you do to do better in the future?

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