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This is a great start to a promising paper. Can you give me the citations for A. The movie, B. a more comprehensive and original version of the myth of Oedipus? There are some free ones at classics mit and the internet archive:… I also think you can be more specific in your thesis. Name the myths you are planning on comparing. Revise and fix for a better grade – just submit to the optional revision assignment when it becomes available- you should try to get an A on your proposal to ensure a good grade in your final paper!

Original Paper:

Myths usually seem too far-removed from our fast-paced metropolitan age we are living today. However, both the modern and classical myths still remain unmatched in their ability to come up with an extraordinary tales that still stand the test of time. *This study explores the similarity in characters featured in both classical and modern myths.*

Both classical and modern myths feature characters that are born in nobility. These characters are always responsible for their own fate. Besides, the characters in both myths are always doomed to make a very serious mistake in their judgment. The philosopher Plato said, “According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus separated them into two separate parts, condemning them of to spend their lives in search of their other half “(P.305). For example, Oedipus is seen killing his own father before getting married to his own mother. Later on, they realize that they committed a very serious mistake which cannot be reversed. Later on, they find themselves being compelled to honor and accept the death. The same kind of mistakes is seen in various films today. In a modern movie known as Mama Roma, the storyline involves a middleclass woman who spends most of her youth working as a prostitute in her Italian village. She then saves a good amount of money for the purposes of buying herself a fruit stand and start Saroyan 2

living a respectable middle-class life. She reestablishes a contact with a sixteen year old young man. It is later on realized that the young man was her own son who she abandoned when he was an infant. Franco Citti who appears to be her former pimp threatens to expose her sordid past. Her son now seems to be very troubled after learning the truth. He turns to the life of violence and crime.

The two stories share several common similarities despite the fact that they are separated by both time and geography. Both stories show characters that make grave mistakes that cannot be reversed. Also, the two share a common theme of fate. From a religious point of view, theme of fate is forced upon a person. Characters in the movie and Oedipus story are fated to do something. This means that divine forces determines the course of action for the characters. Saroyan 3


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