paper film analysis

You can pick any film from these websites as long as they are not animated, cannot be before the 1960’s, film has to be in English, cannot be a documentary, cannot be signin’ in the rain, cannot be Citizen Kane, cannot be Easy Rider.… <>… <>

You need to write an essay including all these things and in this order:

1. First section is what you think the theme of the movie is: you need specific examples from the movie (for the specific examples you need to time stamp when it happens in the movie)

2. 2nd section: does the plot feel like it goes together well or is disjointed. Several examples of how it builds or doesn’t build the plot (examples need to be time stamped when they happen in the film)

3. Third section: The characters: if the characters change purposely or if they don’t change (cite examples from the film and time stamp when they happen)

4. Fourth section: you need to use an outside source and cite a review by a major critique on your film. Then you must argue for or against their opinion in detail.

5. 5th section: Choose 5 shots from the movie you liked and 4 examples of lighting and sound. Explain why you think the director did what he or she did (go into detail it is your argument so argue it well in many sentences). Make sure you time stamp them. Make sure you use lots of details and argue your case strongly.

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