page per question or more single spaced 3 pages

  1. The Nixon administration’s plan to end the conflict in Vietnam has been described as “widening down the war.” How was this so? What fears did President Nixon have in ending the war? How did the administration actually achieve peace? Was it “peace with honor”?
  2. What assumptions guided the Nixon-Kissinger rapprochement with both the Soviet Union and China? Were these assumptions valid? Were the resulting actions wise? Why or why not? How were the actions connected to the war in Vietnam?
  3. What was OPEC? How did it contribute to the general malaise of the 1970s?

Write a minimum three-page document, 12 font, with detailed information. See syllabus. Cite you sources after each question. (Foner, page numbers), (recorded lectures), etc. I will

a grade based on your thoughtful and complete exploration of the assignment. Thanks.

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