overview of environmental health and safety disciplines ehs


Create a PowerPoint presentation of 15 slides (not counting title and reference slides) that provides an overview of the three major environmental, health, and safety (EHS) disciplines. Include each of the following elements:

  • summary of the responsibilities for the discipline,
  • evaluation of types of hazards addressed by the discipline,
  • description of how industrial hygiene practices relate to safety and health programs,
  • description of how industrial hygiene practices relate to environmental programs,
  • evaluation of types of control methods commonly used by the discipline,
  • interactions with the other two disciplines, and
  • major organizations associated with the discipline.

Construct your presentation using a serif type font such as Times New Roman. A serif type font is easier to read than a non-serif type font. For ease of reading, do not use a font smaller than 28 points. EHS ..OSHA

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