original literature review nursing burnout

Hi Dr. Ralph You wrote my paper on Nursing Burn out and I would like to know if you would be able to write the rest of my papers for the semester? You did such an awesome job. I sent you the syllabus but I can re attach it here and if you need your paper you wrote a week ago I can attach that as well. It was on Nursing burnout. I need a paper 5-6 pages (I know the syllabus says more). It also has to to have three articles that are nursing research journals that are peer reviewed, with 10 years, and from the US. If you need articles I can send a few or if you would like access to my library I can provide that as well.

I wasn’t sure if you want me to pay you for each paper individually or should I request them all together. I don’t know what is easiest as this is new to me. Thanks again for your stellar work.


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