one page letter from cpa to customer 1


Please only take this job if you understand accounting. This is super easy and I honestly would just do it but I am working crazy hours and already wasted a day on another study pool tutor.

This is NOT an essay. This is a pretend letter from you (CPA) to your customer that is asking you some questions. Your letter needs to be in letter format. One page. Proper greeting, intro paragraph like you would to a customer, paragraph explaining the differences using easy examples, and a paragraph conclusion maybe providing a link for more information or letting the customer know that they can reach out if they have more questions. Please do not include a works cited page. This should look like a business letter. Sorry to explain so much but the last tutor wrote an actual paper. This should take 30 minutes or less if you know about accounting.

You are a CPA. The owner of a landscaping business, Larry Shrout, who is one of your clients, asks you to explain:

(i) the general concept of depreciation; and

(ii) the specific difference between straight-line and declining – balance deprecation.

  1. Write a letter to the client responding to these inquiries. Your response should include, at a minimum:
    • An introductory, explanatory and concluding paragraph
    • Appropriate salutations
    • Sufficient supporting information and/or examples to effectively respond to the inquiry.
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