observe and analyze

Read the Observe and Analyze section on the side column of page 42 of your textbook. Complete this activity and write about it in this week’s discussion.

Part 1: Description of person 1. What do you think this person is like?
Description of person 2. What do you think this person is like?
Description of person 3. What do you think this person is like?

Part 2: Compare your three descriptions. How are they similar and different? Are some descriptions more positive or flattering? Are some more specific than others? Why? How did you arrive at your conclusions? Are you confident in the accuracy of your descriptions? Why/why not?

*Pay special attention to connecting concepts from the text to your writing in order to demonstrate your knowledge. Did you use automatic social cognition or controlled social cognition? Where you primed to notice something? Did you use implicit personality theory, assimilation, stereotyping, situational attribution, dispositional attribution, etc.? make sure to assump. ions about 3 people and make the words bold and colored. Its 1 and hlaf page longe

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