nyelti operational excellence assignment 1

W2: The Components of Information Systems

Graded Discussion: The Components of Information Systems – (Follow all steps below)

Carefully review and research all components of an information system. Based on findings, apply this knowledge and discuss with your peers how each of these components are associated with you and your given work environment or a future work environment if not currently employed.

Please make sure to proof read your post prior to submission. They should be well written and free of grammatical or typographical errors. Feel free to do follow-up post to fellow student introductions.

Initial postings are due by Wednesday. You are encouraged to post your follow-up comments to different students, and you can do more than two if you want and these peer replies are due by Saturday.

Important Reminder: Assessment of discussion boards and other writing assignments account for 75% of overall grading and below are how grades will be assessed for this discussion board:

Assessment Criteria

Possible Points

Points Earned

Student included an initial posting


Student included at least two peer replies.


Content in student postings is of rich descriptive details supported with research to support and move discussion topics forward in a collaborative environment.


Student posted an initial posting by the Wednesday due date.


Student posted at least two peer replies by the Saturday date.


Total Earned points


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