no specific question please respond to the two discussion posts as directed 100 words each


Participate each week on the Discussion Board by posting an original post of at least 100 words


Topic 1: Cloud-Based File Management Techniques (graded):

As you begin to use OneDrive to manage your files and folders please consider how you might be able to share files and/or plan collaboratively on projects using OneDrive.

  • Describe how you could work collaboratively on a personal or professional project.
  • Describe how you can share a file or folder as you collaborate with team-mates.
  • Evaluate and prioritize any security issues related to using cloud-based file management tools.


Discussion Topic: Computer hardware

Take a few minutes to look at the computers in your home (or the computer that you use for school). Describe your computer. You might consider:

  • The type of computer
  • The peripherals
  • Input and output devices
  • How much RAM do you have?
    • Can you add more? How do you know?
    • What type of RAM does your computer take?
  • What processor is in your computer?
    • How many cores does it have?
    • How fast is the processor?
  • How much storage do you have on your hard drive?
    • How much free space do you have?
    • How much space is used?
  • What types of ports does your computer have? How many of each?

Ask a friend about their computer. How is it different from yours? Which computer do you consider the better computer? Why? Think about how you use your computer. Choose at least one thing to upgrade that would make your experience using your computer better. Why did you choose to upgrade that particular item? How will it help?

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