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Commitment: A Cautionary Tale. Discuss fully what is a cautionary tale from an organizational perspective and provide a personal example of a cautionary tale which has happened to you.


Read and respond to at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts. In your response to your classmates, consider comparing your articles to those of your classmates. Below are additional suggestions on how to respond to your classmates’ discussions:

· Ask a probing question, substantiated with additional background information, evidence or research.

· Share an insight from having read your colleagues’ postings, synthesizing the information to provide new perspectives.

· Offer and support an alternative perspective using readings from the classroom or from your own research.

· Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.

· Make a suggestion based on additional evidence drawn from readings or after synthesizing multiple postings.

· Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.

Replie to first topic:-

A cautionary tale by definition refers to a short story, real or folklore narrated with an intention to inform and at the same time warn the observer of a consequence that is derived as a moral of the story. Cautionary tales can be most definitely and effectively used as a tool for teaching valuable lessons on negotiation practices.

The Cautionary tale under discussion is from (Lewicki, Roy J., et al 2013) where the author elaborates on a short story inspired by his personal life, and it ends with an intention to warn the reader of unethical practices of negotiation. And though, the fruits of such tactic are short term, given the additional $350 dollars the author had to pay. But in the words of the author, this strategy resulted in a more damaging long term effect, because the author narrated the story to his friends (included in his book smile) and deprived the dealer of a sizable number of valuable costumers.

My cautionary tale : Process change demands inherent cultural change within the teams.

The organization I used to work for acquired a startup based out of Russia. Be it organization structure, work culture, language (russian), cultural change, a tussle for adjustment to the new environment was given. I was among a group that joined this team with an intent to aid in bringing about cultural inclusion. The entire team has worked hard to adopt to the new country and its culture. From the Inception the product we were working on had many production escalations, outages. This was initially attributed to the old & outsourced infrastructure that supported the startup’s product.Though the problems persisted, even after the situation has changed.

A focus group was formed to address this holistically and their report broadly indicated that though the team members culturally assimilated to a new country, its people and fellow colleagues, they were still struggling to let go of startup mindset and adapt to the standards, practices and work style of a large MNC.

The conclusion is, even when there was significant effort made to assimilate the team by changing its make-up – the culture and old ways of work stuck. This indicates that though individuals in the team made strides in adapting to a new environment, the overall “team culture and working style” stuck. The valuable lesson learnt from this experience is that often culture is thought to be something that depends on individual choices and behavior. What we need to remember what people do in an organization is influenced, designed and guided by the organization itself. The effective way to bring about culture change is by putting great effort in reevaluating/modifying an organization’s practices and processes than the people who follow it.

Reply to 2nd topic:-

A cautionary tale refers to the tale that is told to the folklore to send a warning that there is a danger to informing the listeners. There are different measures and perspectives of the cautionary tales that assures the entire process of the participation in a formal way to enhance the concept of teaching morals as desired by the many of the tellers to intervene to the strategic measures of the community. The cautionary tales ensure that they teach traditional stories with different morals and perspectives concerning the organizational traditions and the cultural sectors to ensure the realistic aspects in attaining the best measures that are as a measure to give the value to the best founders (Leighton, 2016).

The entire scope of assuring the best terms in the field to achieve the realistic evaluation in accessing the desired grounds for the measure that assures the realistic growth of the organization (Larkin & McKelvey, 2015). The tales explain in detail the format in which the organization grew from the grounds and from the entire scope of accessing the basis for the concern in assuring the best measures in which the field is hidden for the best as a measure to attempt to the conditional values. The backbone of the organization is explained by the entire cautionary tale.

To the best measures to ensure the growth and the development of the entire organization, the tales ensure the capture a certain closet and a certain conditioned aspect for the management of the dreams set fort for the organization to develop the best of their knowledge. The desire to attend to the validation of the solutions, I was given the whole list of the solutions and the measures for the standards which have ever been different (Larkin & McKelvey, 2015). The concept assures the design in achieving the real data in the manner that allocates the vulnerabilities. places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality work that meets and exceeds academic standards. The company is committed to upholding excellence in every aspect of their service. The writers at NursesHomeworkHelp conduct thorough research, ensuring that assignments are well-informed and grounded in evidence-based practice. Moreover, they adhere to academic conventions, including proper referencing and citation, to ensure the integrity and credibility of the work. By consistently maintaining high-quality standards, NursesHomeworkHelp enables nursing students to excel academically and develop the necessary skills for their future careers.

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