need two different copies apa citations and references

Chapter 13 and 14 provided an overview of Web and Cloud Threats and Accounts and Identity. Within the last few years, the adoption of cloud has increased considerably. You can read an article here that discusses this in more detail:…

After reading chapter 13 and 14, you’re ready to participate in the next discussion.

In your textbook, it discusses issues around cloud provider threats (p.249). Given the increased use of public cloud, threats will have increase as well.

Please select one of the following Cloud Providers for this discussion: Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

Please answer the following questions in paragraph form only:

  • Name at least 2 potential threats related to using the cloud provider you selected above and how this can affect customers.
  • Identify a recent breach or security threat from a customer or organization from the cloud provider you selected above. How was it a threat and what was the outcome?

You must do the following:

1) Create a new thread. As indicated above, please answer the following questions above. You must use a minimum of three unique references for your initial posts that are preferably from scholarly sources other than your textbook. Also, please cite all references and use proper APA formatting

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