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For each of the scenarios below, research how this particular individual could access care and offer potential solutions for this individual and those who are similarly situated. You may analyze and offer solutions based on your state of residence or a state of your choosing. For each scenario, please indicate which state’s policies you researched and provide links to your research.

Scenario 1. Unable to secure a full-time job in her rural, economically depressed town, Anna, who is 48 years old, makes ends meet by working 3 jobs part-time. She does not have health insurance and she makes too much to be eligible for Medicaid. Recently, she found a lump in her breast. She is worried because her mother died of breast cancer, but Anna knows she can’t afford the diagnostic tests let alone any treatment such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. She is eager to get care, but is considering ignoring the lump since she has no way to pay for anything but the most basic physician visits. What additional concerns would you need to address if Anna doesn’t speak English and/or if there are cultural variations in expected medical care? (i.e. complementary medicine)

Scenario 2. Bill is a single father with two children on Medicaid. Matthew is 13 and has been complaining of mild jaw pain due to a cavity causing severe decay in a molar. In addition, his teeth are very crooked and do not line up well causing difficulty properly chewing his food. His younger brother Charlie, who is 8, doesn’t seem to have any dental issues, but he hasn’t been to the dentist in 3 years. Bill has tried to make dental appointments for his children, but hasn’t been able to find a dentist who takes Medicaid in his community. Research beyond simply finding free clinics that while they can access it, but there is a long wait time. What can Bill can do beyond trying to find a free dental clinic to see his children?

Explain policy changes (state and national) that could be put in place in order to assist these people more than current policy allows?

Second Part: 

What is the definition of culture? For healthcare professionals/organizations, what elements should be included and why? Are some elements more important than others? Explain, providing examples from your professional/personal experience as well as the readings. 

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