nature of humanity


I have two hw

1) hw

(July 15): Nature of Humanity (115-139 and 143-159)

Submit a 2-3 page paper answer one of the following questions based on your reading.

1. One of the most perplexing issues facing people today is the proper relation between the sexes. Are women subordinate, equal, or perhaps superior to men? What do the following passages indicate?

a. Gen 1:27; 2:21-24;3:16

b. Prov 31:10-31

c. Eph 5:21-33

d. 1 Cor 14:33-35; 1 Tim 2:11-15

e. Gal 3:28; Mark 12:25

2. How do you reconcile the biblical emphasis on individual responsibility (see Deut 24:16) with assertions that the consequences of sin extend to several generations (see Exodus 20:5; 34:7b)?


2) hw

John 5-8

What are 1 or 2 things that surprised you from the reading of John 5-8. Was there something new that you didn’t know that seemed to be important in your reading? Respond 2 times to your classmate’s answers during the week.



for the first one write 2-3 pages and should be only from the book not other source and I upload pics of book

for the second hw I need only one short paragraph

thank you

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