modern digital design and lab week 7 lab overview understanding d a and a d convertors resources to consult digital electronics principles and applications 8th edition chapter 14 figure 14 12 instructions 1 construct the digital meter as sho

Modern Digital Design and Lab

Week 7 Lab

Overview: Understanding D/A and A/D convertors

Resources to consult: Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications, 8th Edition, Chapter 14, Figure 14-12


1. Construct the digital meter as shown in Figure 14-12 in the book with the following modifications:

2. Instead of a seven-segment display, use a bar display that lights up the number of bars in the voltage

3. You will need to replace the BCD to seven-segment display and the display

4. If the voltage is 4 volts, bars 4, 3, 2, and 1 will be lit.

5. Describe operation of the circuit. Capture output of the bar display along with the input voltage display.

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