mgmt671 2001 leadership

follow instructions attached:

Heavy WorX has agreed to be acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Stellar Goal Group, forming a large multinational corporation operating in 20 different countries. Since Heavy WorX previously only had domestic operations, it will need to participate in a comprehensive change management plan as part of the acquisition. Because of your success with change management programs at Heavy WorX, you have been appointed the vice president of change management, overseeing all change management initiatives associated with the acquisition and the globalization of Heavy WorX. The CEO and Board of Directors have asked you to prepare a presentation of your acquisition and globalization plan. In 15–20 slides, please address the following:

  • In your opening remarks, describe change management, OD, any why it is necessary to create an acquisition and globalization plan.
  • Create a diagram that demonstrates your vision of how Heavy WorX and the Stellar Goal Group can merge and globalize their organizational cultures.
  • Describe the roles of the CEO, Board of Directors, VP of Change Management, OD consultants, managers, and employees in the change process.
  • Identify the potential problems that may arise and the anticipated resistance to change that might be experienced during the change process.
  • Describe what change models will be used and how they will be tailored for the change process.
  • Describe your assessment and feedback plan. Your plan should include a description of the methods and data analysis techniques that you would use to conduct the diagnosis and how you will provide feedback to the key stakeholders.
  • Benchmark at least 3 other organizations and describe the potential return on investment (ROI) that might be achieved in the acquisition globalization of Heavy WorX.
  • Make specific recommendations for the interventions that the organization should implement, how they will be communicated, and how they will be evaluated.
  • Create a diagram that describes a 1-year time line for completing the project that includes each step in the change process.
  • In your closing remarks, describe how you will use your qualities as a change leader to implement the acquisition and globalization plan.
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