mens health 2

  1. Select a health topic that you are interested in, and write a 4–5 page paper addressing the areas identified in the grading rubric below for this activity.

Grading Criteria

Points Allocated

Points Earned

Clearly identifies the health topic:

  • Discuss the causes of and risk factors for the problem.
  • Provides data to support the magnitude of the problem. How many people die or get sick each year from this health problem? Is this a problem that affects women? If so are there any differences in its impact on men vs. women? Are there ethnic, racial, or economic class variations? What is the yearly cost of this problem?


Identifies current treatment measures:

  • Discusses the current treatments for the problem?
  • How effective is the treatment? Discuss any barriers to treatment such as side effects or high cost.


Identifies strategies to promote healthy lifestyles:

  • Identifies wellness behaviors to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Provides at least 2 web resources for information on the health problem.


APA, Grammar, and Organization:

  • Uses correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • Correct use of APA style.
  • Provides at least 3 current references.


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