mask designer

The Boor by Chekhov (Links to an external site.)

For your final project, you will create an original scenic design for a scene of your choosing in (play on syllabus) OR an original costume design for three characters in the play. Do NOT use ideas from other productions or films of this play…this should be YOUR work.BE NEAT! If you give me stick figures or images I cannot decipher I will count off!

Here are the components of your final project:

  • SCENIC DESIGNERS: Choose one scene or setting from the play
  • Create a rendering/sketch of your scenic or costume design that includes as much detail as you can manage.(in color, please) It doesn’t have to be the greatest rendering ever drawn, but it should be neat and easy to understand. This should be scanned or photographed and saved as a .jpeg file then that file you can load into a pdf or powerpoint.DO NOT just submit JPEG files as I have to download those in Blackboard.
  • Locate at least two samples of interesting/inspiring materials (fabrics, wood, metals, etc.) that you would use if you were actually going to bring your design to reality for a staged production.These items should be photographed and saved as a .jpeg file.AGAIN- put these images in your powerpoint or PDF!
  • Type a short explanation (no more than 1 page) for your design choices.Include examples from the script, any inspiration for your ideas, and anything else you’d like us to know about your artistic choices.(Your goal is to convince a director that your design concept is better than anyone else’s…think of it as a bidding process for which designer is going to get the job to design (play on syllabus)AGAIN- put this information in your powerpoint or pdf.
  • Submit your powerpoint or pdf.DO NOT submit multiple Jpeg images- put them into a format and submit that to me.

COSTUME DESIGNERS: Choose three characters from the play. (Remember characters are people who have speaking roles)

TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE: 200Grades based on:

Completeness and thoroughness of project

Backing up opinions and choices with solid evidence or statements

Creativity and originality

Neatness and correct submission

Demonstrated knowledge and competency in chosen “mask” area

1. For your final project, you will need the script for (Play listed below)

READ!!!! The page that has all the instructions it is located in this module stated final project resources and documents!!! I can not STRESS this enough! Click on the instructions document for the mask you chose, and get started!

Also you will find links for additional paperwork right below those documents.

When you’ve finished all the parts of your final project, be sure to submit it as an attachment to this assignment. It is best to use Powerpoint to organize your final project.

This project should NOT be stressful…it’s your opportunity to be creative and express your ideas and opinions! The only way you can be “wrong” is if you don’t put in the effort. Note this project is 200 points- do not give me a 50 point project. Expand on your concept and ideas for the play. Have fun!

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