marketing case dove case analysis

  • Must be answer those questions based on case which I posted.
  • Issues: Identify the key issues facing the company profiled in the case and rank them.Please use a single list format to write up the issues by ranked importance (short term to long term).The issues section should be written up on the bottom ½ of your first page.

Ranking:Rank the key issues based on their short term or long term implication to the business.

  • Short term – something the company must address quickly in the near future
  • Long term – something the company needs to address after it first deals with the short term issues
  • Example:
    • Valuable marketing and sales data are being ignored when setting plans (short term)
    • The company’s product return policy is confusing (short term)
    • Internet marketing expenses are over budget (short term)
    • Market share is decreasing (long term)
    • AZ new competitive product will enter the market soon (long term)
    • Consumer demand is fluctuating for the product (long term)
  • Problem Statement:Write a concise problem statement on the short term issues.

Example: The company must meet with staff quickly to solve inventory and retailer return issues, also to develop a plan for improving internet marketing.

  • Case Response: Recommendation (for HBR cases): What actions should the organization take to address the problem statement? It is expected that you will seek additional resources outside of the information provided in the case to provide a complete and current response.
  • One page
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