marketing business plan man4900

I need assistance in completing one part in my business group plan. The business is about creating an APP called BluPoolstoGo and it is based around the idea that people who are interested in having a pool at their home or need assistance with their pool, can purchase all necessary items and products and receive their stuff the same day. I need help with this part:

Market size and trends

  • Discuss the size of the market (include table/chart to show data):
    • Is it growing, shrinking, seasonal, etc


  • Discuss specific sites for your business
  • Discuss zoning requirements
  • Use census and demographic reports to support why this location was selected

I have attached the feasibility analysis of the company if you need more information.

BTW, the company will be based in Florida, in the Miami-Dade and Broward county area.

P.S. It does not have to be something so long! Just straight to the point. Thank you!

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