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Week 2 Assignment – Building Geek Trust (meets objectives: SLO2, SLO3)

Using the readings from Glen & McManus (2014), and Cagiltay, Bichelmeyer, & Akilli (2015) write a 750 -1000 word essay answering the listed questions. The paper must include at least one citation and reference from each of the sources. Title the paper, “Building Geek Team Trust.” You will be assessed using the Writing rubric and APA formatting. An “A” paper is well-written and includes cited authors, personal insight, and examples to illustrate. Use the bolded words below as headings.

o The Authors on Trust (cite and reference the authors listed)

o How can trust be lost and gained between geeks and non-geeks (Glen & McManus, 2014)?
o How can trust be lost on virtual teams? Strategies to gain virtual team trust (Cagiltay, Bichelmeyer, & Akilli, 2015)?

o Personal Examples of Trust Lost or Gained (no citations required)

o With geeks
o During virtual communication
o Using Values from your childhood (see Cultural Detective – Self-Discovery package, “Childhood Messages”)

grading criteria: see rubrics – Academic Writing

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