leadership interview assignment

Students will conduct an interview with a leader of their choosing. The leader should be at a director level or above, cannot be a family member, and must be currently employed. The subsequent paper will include answers to the questionnaire below and a summary by the student of the leader’s views, and conclusions.

The paper should be completed in a word document and uploaded to Blackboard.



Establish parameters – keep it to 15-20 minutes if possible. Most leaders enjoy talking about their experiences and are generally willing to help.


  1. What attracted you to be a leader in the industry you are working?
  2. As a leader, what organizational change initiatives have you implemented in your organization?
  3. What was the biggest resistance to change?
  4. Are there changes you have not been able to accomplish at your current organization, and why?
  5. What do you feel needs to be at the core of an organization to successfully initiate organizational change?
  6. What advice do you have for leaders who are considering major change initiatives for their organization?
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