leadership and character belief statement

  • Submit Assignment: Leadership and Character Belief StatementAs today’s sports culture moves further away from a focus on character, how can you develop a plan to repurpose sport and include character in your programs? How can character and leadership development become a part of your culture? As a first step, begin to think about your own beliefs, intentions, and possible strategies to communicate these beliefs.To prepare: Reflect and review the 4 roles of a leadership/character educator described by Cory Dobbs (2012): Model, motivate, mentor, and multiply. Consider these roles as they relate to your journey through this class and your personal development as a coach.Submit:Focusing on the Mentoring Role as a Leadership Educator:Part 1Write a 3–4 paragraph belief statement that outlines how you believe your program can and will develop the leadership and character of the athletes you serve. Describe the expectations you have for yourself and your coaching staff to use practices and games to teach leadership and character lessons. (This belief statement will be included in the “Coaching Beyond the X’s and O’s” handbook as an introduction to the Leadership Development class entry.)Part 2Write 2–3 paragraphs describing your action plan to incorporate your belief statement into professional practice. What mindsets or routines might you need to dissolve in order to be effective? How might you educate assistant coaches (or as an AD, the coaches in your program) or colleagues within your athletics program regarding the expectations of leadership and character development in order to bring your beliefs to reality? How might you handle a coach who does not abide by or agree with your belief statement?Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.ReferencesDobbs, C. L., & Academy for Sport Leadership. (2012). The coach as a leadership educator: Transforming student-athletes into dynamic team leaders. Peoria, AZ: The Academy for Sport Leadership.
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