kant s questions

Hello, these are five questions I need help with. Please provide complete and clear answers. try to answer the questions directly without going out of the questions. 

1- why is a good will is the only thing that absolutely good? (section 1)

2- Is there any moral value in action of eating lunch, according to Kant? explain your answer!

3- categorical imperatives:

Please answer completely!

a) Give THREE different formulations of the categorical imperatives. (section 1 and 2)

b) explain why eduction is something a person should pursue, according to the first or third form of the categorical imperative.

c) explain why littering is wrong, according to the second or fourth form of the categorical imperative.

4- Present one argument that Kant gives regarding why it’s problematic to derive morality from experience. (section 2).

5- freedom: 

a) how are we not free?

b) how are we free?

c) is it possible to prove either option, absolutely peaking?


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