july 10 2019 uni2 4510

The discussion requires a minimum of 250 words. Two scholarly sources, including the textbook. Make sure that you use APA style with your references.

As we build upon the understanding of crisis management lets take a look at your previous posting from week 1. Here you identified a crisis incident that took place and as a manager how you would have handled it differently. Now let us take a step back and observe the warning signs. Tell me what warning signs led to the crisis you wrote about in week 1 and why were they either missed or ignored? Remember, a crisis rarely shows up at a moment notice, but warning signs develop over time.

NOTE: When answering discussion questions please do not use the real (actual) name of a person but replace it with a fictitious name. We want to protect real names whenever we are writing about an incident or problem within our organization.

1,250 word count and there is a total of 5 questions each (not including in-text citation and references as the word count), a minimum of three scholarly sources are required in APA format. For the three scholarly sources, one from the textbook that’s posted below and the other two from an outside source . Let’s be sure to write it in own work 100% and give appropriately when using someone’s else work.

Strategic Planning & the Crisis Management Team
Case Study: Mini- Case – BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

1. In a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case.

2. Update the information in the case by researching it on the Internet. Focus your response on the specific issues in the case.

3. Was the Deepwater Horizon accident a problem associated more with cost cutting or with a faulty process safety culture?

4. What impact did BP’s strategy have on the crisis?

Case Analysis

5.Assume the role of Tony Hayward’s successor as CEO of BP. What steps would you take to address the crisis and rebuild BP’s reputation?

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