jrn3360 broadcast news

Broadcast News Writing

Assignment #7


Writing newscast teases is one of the most important jobs in keeping your audience tuned to your program for the entire time. A tease should be short and not reveal the whole story. If that were the case, then your audience would turn the channel after hearing the tease. You wish to tease your audience by not giving all the details of the story. Keep the audience guessing or hanging on.

Please read the Tips on Writing TV News Teases in the Course Documents/Materials Modules section of Canvas for assistance.

Below you will find ten story leads. These are not all factual stories. You are to write a tease for each story. But, remember, DO NOT GIVE TOO MUCH INFORMATION. YOU WANT YOUR AUDIENCE TO STAY TUNED TO YOUR NEWSCAST.

Each line must be double-spaced. Each word must be in all capital letters. Write your teases in present, present-perfect or future tense. Three points will be counted off for each tease written in past tense. Two points will be counted off for each misspelled word or grammatical mistake. Two points will be counted off for not writing in Broadcast style as you have been writing all semester.

Story Leads:

  1. A Tennessee death row inmate becomes the first US prisoner in five years to be executed by the electric chair.
  2. A California teenager wins $10,000 in the National Spelling Bee by correctly spelling, Vivisepulture, which means to bury alive.
  3. Two Troy seventh graders, walking to school, are killed by a hit-and-run driver.

4. A Chicago woman becomes the first blind person to win a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives.

5. Quarterback Caleb Barker becomes the first Troy University Trojan ever to become the NFL’s No. 1 draft pick, by signing with the Tennessee Titans.

6. Four teenagers are arrested for holding up a branch of Regions Bank in Troy.

7. Troy University football coach Chip Lindsey is hired as the new head coach at Notre Dame University.

8. The City of Troy announces plans to build a multi-million dollar international airport with flights leaving daily for New York and Mexico City.

9. Republican challenger Bradley Byrne shocks Alabama by defeating incumbent US Senator Doug Jones in the general election.

10. The plastic head of the Troy University athletic mascot is stolen and discovered in a tree on the Sigma Chi fraternity lawn.

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