internship final written report 6 pages cover page works cited pages

I’m doing my internship at Human Resource (HR) department and I have to submit a written report 6 pages.

All the instructions attached and the Grading Rubric attached too.

You must follow the outline

Outline: The following outline must be followed when organizing the paper (relevant supporting additions are allowed and encouraged):

1. Introduction

a. Description of the Internship, Duties, andResponsibilities.

i. How did you go about obtaining your internship?

ii. Description of department and/or position assignment.

iii. Description of internship activities, duties, and responsibilities.

iv. Description of orientation and training procedures provided by internship sponsor.

b. Discussion of your Internship Goals andObjectives. Internship Summer 2019 – Final Written Report

2. Organization/Program

a. Write a brief sketch of the organization/program.

b. Identify its goals and mission.

c. Comment on your perception of its strengths and weaknesses.

d. Describe the culture of the organization: dress, level of formality, physical structure of offices and how they are assigned, staff meeting style, the hierarchy, worker input in decision-making, values, and reward system.

e. Describe the organization/program’s structure and your role init.

3. Change

a. Describe changes in your perception of the organization during the internship experience.

b. What original assumptions have been challenged?

c. In what ways has your understanding deepened?

4. Learning Objectives and Assessment

a. Describe the challenges and successes in your efforts to accomplish each of your initial objectives. Be specific.

b. What feedback did you receive?

c. Identify the specific outcomes for each objective, including any changes that were necessary.

i. Discuss the internship activities most instrumental in achieving your internship goals and objectives.

ii. Discuss any problems that you encountered and factors that inhibited you from fully realizing all your internship goals and objectives, and how these inhibiting factors may have been avoided or overcome.

5. Academic Connections

a. In what ways has this experience related to what you have learned in the classroom?

b. What are the connections between this experience and the knowledge that you have gleaned from your academic work?

6. Personal Development

a. Describe the skills that you acquired or polished during this experience.

b. Describe the specific contributions that you made (What impact did you have?).

c. Comment on whether this role was a fit for your talents, abilities, values, and interests.

d. Identify the extent of your personal growth. How did it affect your strengths and weaknesses?

e. Comments on how this experience relates to your future career goal.

7. Internship Accomplishments and Achievements

a. Describe your internship accomplishments, achievements, and valuable learning experiences, including, but not limited to, new knowledge and skills acquired as a result of your internship experience.

b. Discuss the relevancy of your internship accomplishments and achievements to your sponsoring company’s functions and goals.

c. Discuss your internship accomplishments and achievements relative to your personal internship goals and objectives and how this internship has helped to prepare you for your post-graduation career.

8. Conclusion: Recommendations and Evaluation

a. Summarize your experience in a final paragraph

b. What were the three most positive aspects of your internship experience?

c. Do you recommend this Internship employer and site to other students? Why or why not?

d. What recommendations would you give other students to assist them in preparing for an internship?

9. Works Cited – Minimum 3 references in APA format that you cited in your paper (be sure to utilize internal citations in report). I’m doing an internship, what could I possiblycite?

a. Examples are: Published Company Policy, O*Net, our textbook, outside sources included in our modules, relevant text you have used during your time at Methodist University, etc.

10. Appendix (this section is optional as everyone will not have a product that was developed during their internship. a. Examples of products developed during internship (i.e. pamphlets, presentations, photos of project or event,etc.) b. Other items as appropriate.

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