international business 2 page paper

Choose a company. Preferably Fortune 500, and publicly traded, so you will be able to get information about it easily. It should be one you’re interested in, perhaps one that produces a product you like, or one in an industry in which you would like to make your career. Briefly explain why you chose this company.

What new product or service will you offer in the host country? What is your market segment? Consider especially how you will need to adapt your product or service to the needs of this segment. Please imagine using the latest technology, and any you reasonably expect to be available in the near future. Is protection of intellectual property available?

How will you price your new product or service? Consider the actual economic conditions or your customers. What can you charge them? What will your costs and expenses be like? How profitable do you choose to be? How do you intend to contribute to the local community?

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