individual student journal on 2 news articles

Choose two articles (hard copy or digital) pertaining to current business ethics related issues. Use reliable, vetted sources only – no blogs. Make sure your articles focus on ethical issues regarding business and society or business and government and write about them. ARTICLES MUST FOCUS ON BUSINESS ETHICS/ACTION/RESPONSIBILITY. Your selected article(s) may have a Florida, US or international focus. Please choose two of those three areas. (For example, do not use two national articles.) All articles must be published after the date of the first day of class (16th of January 27, 2020). (Note: Current updates and developments of events that pre-date the first day of your class may be used. When in doubt- ask!)

Your written comments should contain the following:

  • A brief summary of the article;
  • A thorough stakeholder analysis. You should list and underline the 4-6 most important stakeholders pertaining to the article situation, and describe how each is impacted.
  • Your opinion as to solution/resolution of the business ethical issues.

Label all sections and underline each individual stakeholder in your stakeholder section.

Writing and proofing errors will be penalized at one point per error.

FORMAT (12 pt. font/single spaced):

Assemble your Journal as follows:

Title page with you (your) Name, Date, Section #, Article titles, active hyperlink or APA citation. You do not need to include the original article or APA citation for each article providing you insert a live hyperlink on your title page so that the article can be accessed when reviewing your journal.

Article #1

  • Summary
  • Stakeholder Analysis (usually four to six stakeholders)
    • (stakeholder name): explain how the stakeholder is impacted
    • (Repeat for each stakeholder)
  • Solution/resolution

Article #2

  • Summary
  • Stakeholder Analysis: (usually four to six stakeholders)
    • (stakeholder name): explain how the stakeholder is impacted
    • (Repeat for each stakeholder)
  • Solution/resolution

To understand the breadth of this subject area and to get ideas as to what types of articles you could look for, familiarize yourself with the text’s table of contents and case study topics, along with this syllabus, for cues regarding article relevancy. Articles about predominantly social criminal issues that lack a business focus, such as the death penalty should not be used. While the ethical importance of such issues cannot be overstated, this class focuses on areas with strong business involvement. Think in terms of BUSINESS ethics/action/responsibility.

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