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In this essay, you are asked to respond to a rhetorical argument expressed by someone else. Your response must be to one of the three writing prompt options provided for you in the WEB LINKS section of Blackboard.

In your response, please include the following considerations:

  • Describe the circumstances of the appeal — the historical situation, the original audience as well as the current audience, the purpose of the argument, the reasons this particular argument is so memorable.
  • Analyze the rhetorical elements of the argument to explain why it succeeds or fails. Consider all the aspects of the argument: does it contain a strong or weak logical appeal? What kind of emotional response does the author or speaker wish to evoke? Do you know who the speaker is — and is this an important part of the appeal of this particular argument?
  • If you have chosen an argument that has a visual or aural component, analyze how this makes the argument stronger or weaker. Does the image or auditory appeal draw you to a more detailed written argument? Is this important? Does the visual or auditory argument provide context? Why is this important?

This assignment must be submitted in MLA format. It should be 3-4 pages in length. It must be submitted through SafeAssign on Blackboard.

The prompt option:

1.This commercial evoked a strong response from viewers who saw it when it first aired. Your essay should address these audience responses, which will require some investigation on your part. Make sure to cite your sources.

2.A link to video footage of Robert Kennedy’s impromptu remarks on the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. can be found HERE. The link also provides the written text of the speech.…

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