in enhancing effective transition within a business organization human resource management is a key factor to manage


In enhancing effective transition within a business organization, human resource management is a key factor to manage effectively, therefore the human resource management plays a key role in ensuring the person brought on board shares with the organization set objectives, mission and vision. the HR is mandated to devise strategies and make decisions that affects the organization positively and needs to know the importance of connecting the hearts, heads and hands of people in different organization structure so that there is a mutual sense for every employee to feel part of the organization (Hassan, 2011). The HR department acts as a teacher and a role model. To ensure success they do clarification, develop missions and set objectives and policies in the organization. They delegate duties and shares responsibilities. To accomplish effective transition, they make sure there is an effective communication structure within the employees and the management. The person brought on board should portray good communication skills, decision making skills and must show professionalism. The HR department does planning for the organization, they do staffing of employees and trains its staff as well as coordinating different organizational structures within the organization.


Al-Hakim, L.A.Y. and Hassan, (2011). International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, vol 2, no. 1, pp. 86-94

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