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1. The article discusses SIX psychological challenges to the human moral judgement system in the context of climate change. Which of these psychological challenges do you think will be most important to overcome in order for society to collectively make decisions about how to respond to climate change? Please explain your reasoning in your response.

2. Think about your own behavior and the morality of our actions in relation to climate change. How would you characterize your own climate change behavior relative to your own personal morals?

3. Assume that changes in temperature are something that people can impact. Maybe not today, but in 50 years. So – do we as a society TODAY have an ethical obligation (based on the perspective you chose) to do something to ensure that these resources are not impacted in 50 YEARS? Make sure you provide reasoning for HOW temperature change will impact EACH resource and explain your reasoning for your ethical view. You should also think about what will happen if temperature increases AND if temperature decreases.

a. Water resources: sources of water that are useful or potentially useful (for home use, agriculture, industry, energy, etc.)

b. Biodiversity: the variety of plants and animals and other living things in a particular area or region

c. Precipitation: snow, rain, hail, etc.

d. Agriculture: the cultivation of animals, plants, fungi, and other life forms for food, fiber, biofuel, drugs, and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.

e. Outdoor Recreation: includes activities that occur outdoors in man-made environments as well as those activities traditionally associated with the natural environment.

f. Environmental Human Health: public health that is concerned with all aspects of the natural and man-made environments that may affect human health. For example, organisms or chemicals in the environment can affect human health.

Note: Since this is an open discussion board, please only write what you feel comfortable sharing with the class. Discussion of morality can be a very personal thing, and I want everyone to feel like they can share, or not, within the context of our discussions.

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