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question:Define and briefly discuss the following brainstorming techniques, the delphi technique, brainstorming, or nominal group technique.


Brain storming sessions are conducted to come up with creative ideas /solutions to the problems in work place as well as personal life. The idea of brainstorming is the brainchild of advertising executive Mr. Alex F. Osborn, who published it in his book “Applied Imagination” in 1953, and then many researchers improved the original technique.

Brain storming technique: Brain storming technique is a type of decision making where people form a group, formulate ideas. Primary focus is about generating ideas rather than focusing on evaluation of ideas. The concept of brain storming is designed carefully to support all team members to produce ideas as a group and individually. It is considered that as many ideas generated there will lead to a scope for getting creative ideas. All ideas are noted at a place visible to all group members, for instance, on white board or a black board. Higher levels of cohesiveness are developed in brainstorming groups than nominal groups following an idea generation task (Henningsen, 2013).

Delphi Technique: This technique involves collation of expert and senior judgements from a decision making and forecasting group. Consensus is arrived after performing few rounds of questions and discussions. It is helpful to form estimates and produce a forecast. This technique is used in a wide range of environments like business, group decisions for volunteering and planning in government agencies due to its versatility. It is also used in nursing education (Foth, 2016).

Nominal Group technique: A group process that involves identification of the problem, generating a solution and process of decision making is known as nominal group technique. For generating information with priority, the technique of nominal group can be applied and be benefited from its versatility (Harvey, 2012).

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